Clockwise logoClockwise

An iOS app built exclusively in SwiftUI, for viewing and quickly converting timezones from around the globe.

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SentryCam logoSentryCam

A macOS app for managing video clips recorded from Tesla's dashcam and Sentry Mode security features.

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Recur logoRecur

An iOS app for managing all your subscriptions, digital and physical, along with the cards you use to pay them with.

Other Projects


A markdown-based serverless blogging platform using server-side rendering, built with Next.js and React.

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Creating an online presence is key to growing your business, and with the locally acclaimed deli and bakery Bagels-R-Us, we achieved just that.

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First-place prize winning project

A Meteor app with server-side auth, MongoDB back-end, and React front-end. This web app is designed for use with the iROAM smart crutches prototype, which won first place in the Philips Healthcare- sponsored competition in Dr. Sumi Helal's Mobile Computing course at the University of Florida, in April 2017.

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An iOS app for students to study flashcards of popular subjects, or make their own flashcards for particular subjects, all of which sync to the cloud. Built using Parse.

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Notes App

A notes app with sharing, real-time editing, server-side authentication, built with React, Meteor, and MongoDB.

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Short Link App

A web app to shorten long links for sharing on social media or messaging apps. This app was built using Meteor back-end and React front-end with user authentication, MongoDB for data storage, and Heroku for deployment.

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To-Do App

A task manager web app that lets users create, view, complete tasks, and authenticate with a Github account, built with React, Firebase, and Node.js.

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React Weather

A web app written using React and Node.js that uses the OpenWeatherMap API to display the weather for a location that the user searches for.

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