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A macOS app for viewing Tesla dashcam footage

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  • view all four camera angles in sync
  • scrub through clips using the time slider
  • toggle Saved, Recent, and Sentry modes


  • completely private and tracker-free
  • no videos or data leaves your computer


  • export all four camera feeds into a single video file
  • choose from three different export resolutions


  • delete a clip, event, or entire folder
  • automatically cleans up empty folders
  • Please make sure your Tesla vehicle is capable of recording dashcam footage to a USB flash drive.
  • SentryCam is not responsible for loss of data on your flash drive.
    Always safely eject your USB drive from your vehicle and your computer to avoid corrupting its contents.
  • SentryCam is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc.
    Sentry Mode, TeslaCam, and all other Tesla product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla, Inc.