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Designer | Developer | Futurist

About Me

I'm Kartik, a UX designer, developer, and passionate futurist.

My passion lies in efficient and elegant systems and art. I create clean and simple websites with sleek functionality and interactions. The internet has the potential to create a truly interconnected species, so let's harness its power! If you would like an awesome website or app to connect with people around the world, and perhaps the universe, send me a message below to get started.

I also am extremely passionate about ideas that can change the world. When I am not writing code, you can find me listening to TED talks on how to improve education, thinking and writing about social issues and human rights, or watching one of Jason Silva's videos on flow states. If you are also curious about such ideas, or want to hear me speak at an event, check out my blog (coming very soon).

If you just want to chat or want something to ignite your curiosity, message me on Facebook or through the form below!

Together, we can create a more connected world.
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I designed and developed the first website for Bagels-R-Us, leading to a more global presence for the locally acclaimed deli and bakery.

UF Rocket Team

I designed and built a brand new website for the University of Florida's Rocket Team for competing in the NASA Student Launch Initiative.

Jain Lab

I worked with the Jain Lab at the University of Florida to create a website with a powerful template system for students to easily publish and collaborate.

Focus Lab

I collaborated with the Focus Lab at the University of Florida to design and build a website for their new lab that was expandable and customizable.



An iOS app for students to study flashcards of popular subjects, or make their own flashcards for particular subjects, all of which sync to the cloud. Built using Parse.

To-Do App

A task manager web app that lets users create, view, complete tasks, and authenticate with a Github account, built with React, Firebase, and Node.js.

React Weather

A web app written using React and Node.js that uses the OpenWeatherMap API to display the weather for a location that the user searches for.

React Timer App

A timer and stopwatch web app written using React and Node.js.

Socket.io Chat Room

A chatroom web app built using Sockets.io and Node.js.


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