Hi there! 👋 I'm Kartik. You can find me at the crossroads of creativity, technology, and the human condition.
As a computer scientist, I help create tools that make the internet a better platform for human progress.

I am a software engineer at Citi.
We're working to revolutionize mobile banking to help customers handle their financial life in just a few taps.
These features are used nationwide more than 200 times per second.

I am also the developer behind the popular SentryCam app for Tesla vehicles.
My latest app is Clockwise, a world clock and time converter, built exclusively in SwiftUI.

Previously, I worked in the Human-Centered Computing Lab at the University of Florida.
We researched ways to create more immersive media and user interfaces. Some of our work was published in the SAP Conference, 2016 and in the journal of Society and Natural Resources, 2019.

In my free time, I enjoy photography, travelling, and writing about science and technology.

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