About Me

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Hi there! 👋

I'm Kartik Chaturvedi.

You have found my personal corner of the Internet,

at the crossroads of technology, creativity, and the human condition.

I help create tools that make our digital lives even better.

Technology 👨🏽‍💻

I am a software engineer in the financial industry, where I am working to revolutionize mobile banking and finance.

Previously, I worked in the Human-Centered Computing Lab at the University of Florida, researching immersive media and user experiences. I co-authored a paper that was published in SAP 2016 and Society & Natural Resources 2019.

Creativity 📷

I love building small projects that can help in big ways. I've built Rebills to help keep track of subscriptions, SentryCam to manage Tesla dashcam footage, and Clockwise as a simple timezone converter.

In my free time, I enjoy photography and travelling, and writing about science and technology.

Human Condition 🌎

I write about the impacts of technology and the trends that are shaping our human civilization. Just as the early humans that discovered fire, we engineers today have an important task to develop technology that helps the most people, in the best way. As we shape technology, we can see it shaping us back into an advanced civilization.

At the same time, we can't discard the innovations of the past. Ancient knowledge is hidden away in scriptures and stories, waiting for us to unlock its secrets. Vedified is a small initiative to bring the benefits of ancient Indian medicine to the modern world.

About this site

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