Namaste! 🙏

I'm Kartik Chaturvedi.You have found my personal corner of the Internet, at the crossroads of technology, creativity, and the human condition.I help create tools that make our digital lives even better.

Work 👨🏽‍💻

I am a senior full-stack software engineer at Capital One, where I am helping revolutionize financial services.

Previously, I worked at Betterment and Citi, creating brand new experiences for customers to manage their money.

Earlier, I worked in the Human-Centered Computing Lab at the University of Florida, researching immersive media and user experiences. I co-authored a paper that was published in SAP 2016 and Society & Natural Resources 2019.

Play 🏝

I love traveling and photography. There's always something special about experiencing a new place and capturing its culture. After all, isn't life all about experiencing new things?

There's nothing like flying to a new destination and seeing the world from above, but I don't mind a long drive in my Tesla once in a while.

Sometimes I try to cook, but most of the time I help write the recipes. (I also help finish the food!)

Occasionally, I write down some thoughts about science and technology.