Wings of Ambition

A newsletter from the crossroads of
creativity, technology, and the human condition

Georgia, USA

Birds soar with wings... humans, with ambition

Our creativity and technology has taken us to the depths of the ocean and the vacuum of space. But in the bustle and business of today, it seems that we have forgotten our roots, our journey, our very nature. In this age of ignorance and conflict, we need to broaden our horizons and build our ambition to tackle these problems. Just as a bird pursues flight, we must pursue greater dreams without any limits. Wings of Ambition is an exploration of what we are and where we can go, if only we take the leap.

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The entire ocean begins with a single drop

Every week the newsletter features important or interesting perspectives of significant events or current news stories. This doesn't just inform you – it encourages you to think about our world differently. Wings of Ambition talks about the creation of wealth and the death of disease. It journeys into the science of religion and the spirit of A.I. It takes you through human history and into the future, to find humanity’s greatest accomplishments and most epic failures. When we widen horizons and challenge perspectives, we can solve today’s toughest problems.

The road of progress is paved with technology

The world is rapidly becoming a well-connected global village, where we can communicate faster, travel quicker, and buy anything instantly. Yet, we increasingly need to learn how to understand each another, to feel a common bond, to enjoy our similarities and celebrate our differences. That is how ideas are born, spread, and ripened. With the spread of ideas and knowledge, we will be able to not merely have fun – we will be able to spread prosperity and progress. We could turn the pursuit of happiness into the distribution of happiness. I hope you will join me in this epic journey into the past, present, and future of humanity.